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Let me begin by saying thank you for caring so much about your grieving friend to learn more about what he/she is going through.  Below are some subjects that you may find helpful.  I have broken this up into sections for easier reading.  You may have noticed that I am calling you a friend.  You may be a family member of the grieving parent, but right now, during this time in their lives, they need a good strong friend.  They need a listener.   They need a supporter.  Simply, they need you.  If you are truly their friend, stand by them no matter how bad it gets.  This will not be easy for either of you, so prepare yourself for a long and tiring journey.

Please know that I am always here to help where I can.  If you have a specific question or comment, you can e-mail me from our home page.  I will respond promptly.  I check my e-mail daily so if you don't hear back from me with in a couple of days I may not have received it.  Also, there are times when I am out of the office for a few days.  If that is the case, you will find those dates indicated on the first page of the healing section.  I pray that God is with you as you support your friend.


ATTENTION:  Due to current family circumstances, no updates will be posted to this site until September 2002.  This is to include any and all correspondence as e-mail will not be returned until that time.  Beginning in September we will work to catch up on all e-mail and updates.  Please be patient with us during this time.  We appreciate your visit and thank you for coming.


Is my friend's baby in Heaven?

I just don't understand my friend.

"The Same - But Different"

Bereaved Parent's Wish List

Why did this happen?

What can I do or say?

Calling: Do & Don't

Cards: Do & Don't

The Grief Survival Kit

I'm afraid my friend is giving up.

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