Wonderful Mother's Day Card - by Julie Lane

Angel In The Middle - by Julie Lane

Bryan Erik - by Rosalyn Blair

With Love Always, - by Betsy Blair

Certificate of Dignity

A Mother's Love - by Maralee Malingowski (Maralee sent this to me and several other mothers for Mother's Day 2001)








Wonderful Mother's Day Card

Oh little Baby Boy of mine
I wonder how you are
Up in Heaven where you live
It seems to be so far.
Everyday for me is a struggle
living here without you.
And though there are no tears in Heaven,
I know you miss me too.
And as another holiday approaches
Without you here to hold.
I long to kiss your face and
have a card to unfold.
A piece of colored paper
folded in half with care.
With "I love you, Mommy"
Written neatly there.
A special card with hearts
Hugs and Kisses too
With your tiny hand print
Colored with love by you.
But since you’ll never be
on Earth with me again,
I’ll just have to ponder
in my heart what could have been.
Baby Boy, I’ll be believing that
Up in Heaven where you are
You’re making me the most
Wonderful Mother’s Day Card!!

I love you Bryan!!

Love, Mommy

-Julie Blair Lane





Angel In the Middle

Angel_Quilt.jpg (23082 bytes)

Hey Grandma -
It’s your grandson up above.
My mommy made this quilt for you
To show how much you’re loved.
Yet, I like to think it’s much deeper
Since angels is it’s theme.
So, I guess I’ll try to explain
What this quilt might mean.
To me those angels stand for children
Singing songs of praise.
To their Holy Creator,
I can hear their voices raise.
Yes, I think they stand for children
Whom one day you will get to love.
These are your future grandchildren
Even me, your grandson up above.
So when you gaze upon this quilt
Say a little prayer
Your grandchildren need you
Even if they aren’t yet there.
Some days you might not think of it
When you do just pray a little.
But don’t worry, I’ll watch over them
For I’m that Angel In The Middle.

- Julie Blair Lane


In Loving Memory of her son Bryan Erik Lane.




Bryan Erik

Hello Bryan Erik and how do ya do?
You were the sweetest little baby,
It was so good to meet you.
I know that you're in Heaven now,
I sure do wish you were here.
When you see Jesus, take a bow,
And straight to Him draw near.
On earth you have a wonderful mom and dad,
They sure love you so.
It hurt to see them so sad,
When they had to let you go.
Through morning sickness, pain and strife,
She took it day by day.
Growing inside her was this life,
That she loved the entire way.
She carried to to full term,
With her husband as support.
Although their hearts began to churn,
When they learned their time with you would be short.
Now you won't have to experience the pain,
That comes with life on earth.
We don't know yet what was the gain,
That came through your still birth.
I wanted to hold you oh so tight,
And then to watch you crawl.
To read you a story late at night,
Or take you shopping at the mall.
I wanted to be the coolest aunt,
The best in all the world.
Now that I've been told I can't,
My mind seems all so swirled.
I'm glad I got to see you,
Although the time was brief.
There is so much more we will do,
When in Heaven we feel relief.
We will have to play some holy ball,
Run races with the angels,
Go shopping at the Heavenly mall,
Or play tunes on the Saintly bells.
Maybe we could climb the pearly gates,
Or skip down the paths of gold.
Who knows what will be our fates,
When our Jesus we behold.
I will enjoy our meeting that day,
When I will finally comprehend.
As I listen to what Jesus will say,
When I ask why He took my only perfect friend.

- Rosalyn Danice Blair, January 1997




With Love Always,

On December 31, 1996, my nephew (son of Erik Duane Lane and Julie Kathryn Blair-Lane) was born. Bryan Erik Lane was born at 6:43 p.m. He weighed 8 pounds and 13 ounces, measuring 22 inches.  He had jet black hair and dark skin.  His face was perfectly sewn together with every curve and line matching up precisely.  Bryan Erik was the most beautiful baby boy I had ever set eyes on.  Although my little nephew did not make it, he will remain in my heart forever.  His funeral was Friday, January 3, 1997, in Russellville, Arkansas.  It was located at the Oakland Cemetery, the same place Erik's father is buried.  My grandfather, Bryan's Great-Grandfather led the service.  Beautiful flowers, wreaths, and a teddy bear were also present at the funeral.

Bryan's parents, Erik and Julie (my sister), love him very much. They took great pride in their son.  They wanted everyone to have a glance at their beautiful baby boy.  His nursery was decorated in Noah's Ark.  It was very beautiful and masculine (as much as expected of a baby anyway).  Bryan Erik was not to want for anything, he had anything he needed, and if something was overlooked, then there were hundreds of relatives who would have gladly made sure that he had it.   Bryan, we (I) was looking so forward to loving you and playing with you.  And teaching you anything that you would let me.  Although your old aunt doesn't know much, it would have thrilled me to love and hug on you.  In the future I will have my own children, and I will wonder how they would have gotten along with you?  What ya'll would have played.  Maybe G.I. Joe, House, Cars, Marbles or maybe even Hide-n-seek in the dark.  I would have taught you the importance of FAMILY.   But, you probably already know that, huh Bryan, you have made a difference in my life, and my future.  Even though your presence is not here, for me to see or hear, you have made such an impact on me.  Your mother (Julie) will have other children, but ALWAYS remember she will never nor could ever replace you, and she will not try to.   Your parents loved you so much, and only wanted the best for you.  And them knowing that God knows best is a sure sign that this was the best possible thing that could have happened, as hard as it is for us to understand.  I do not believe that the human mind is capable of understanding death and such tragedies.  I know that I can not, but I can accept it because God did it.  Bryan, I will miss you so much and will think of you often.  Always know that you were loved so very much, just the same as you are now in heaven.

God, please forgive me, for I fear that I could never love my own child as much as I love my Bryan.

                              ----no child has ever been so absolutely beautiful...............

With Love Always,

Aunt "B" Blair
January 6, 1997






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