The Original Texas Christmas Box Angel*

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Dedicated December 6, 1999

SHARE of the Mid-Cities Remembrance Park
Campus of Harris Methodist HEB Hospital
Bedford, Texas

Rededicated October 2000 by Author, Richard Paul Evans

Origin of the angel......

In the best-seller book, The Christmas Box, author Richard Paul Evans tells the touching story of a young family that moves in with a very special widow.  In the book, the widow grieves the loss of her only child at an angel monument in an unnamed cemetery.

The original statue, located in Salt Lake City was destroyed by natural forces.  Being made aware that many grieving parents sought out the statue as a place to grieve and heal, Mr. Evans commissioned a new statue which was dedicated in 1994.

For more information please visit Richard Paul Evans Angel Statue


The Book that started it all....

I was given a copy of this book following the death of my son.  It touched my heart and it is a treasured possession of mine.  I highly recommend this book to anyone.  If you would like a copy of this book, look at your local book store or click the "purchase book" link below.

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Millennium Walk to Remember
& Angel Rededication

October 6, 2000


The guest speaker was the author of The Christmas Box, Richard Paul Evans.  I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Evans after the reception.  I was too nervous to ask for a picture with him though and barely got out that I would like his autograph.  I had forgotten my hard back copy of the book, so he gave me a soft cover copy and autographed it for me.  As some who know me recall, I've always wanted to be a published author so not only has the book touched me as a grieving parent, but also Mr. Evans' story behind becoming a best-selling author is one that inspires and gives hope for an unrealized dream.


* In February 2002 permission was given to Share of the Mid-Cities to use the title "The Original Texas  Christmas Box Angel" for the angel located in Remembrance Park, Campus of Harris Methodist HEB Hospital, Bedford, Texas.


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