These awards have been specifically given to A Treasure In Heaven.  We are very proud of the recognition our site has received and welcome you to tour our awards!  Let me encourage you to visit the sites below as well by simply clicking on the award itself.  Some of these sites allow you to apply for their awards if you are interested.

Also, we have received site of the month awards from some Top Site Listings that we are a member of - you may view those lovely awards at our Top Site Awards page.


COMPAS~1.jpeg (17401 bytes)

It is my great pleasure to offer you "My Mom Is A Survivor Compassion Award" in recognition of your hard work in the creation of such an excellent site.

Michele M. DeGennaro
My Mom Is A Survivor Awards Committee

angelicsite.jpeg (27219 bytes)

boyaward.jpeg (39087 bytes)

"I would also love to honor Bryan's site with 2 of Derek's have done a wonderful job in sharing your son AND your love for your son with your site, and you are MORE than worthy of these awards!"

- Lisa Thiessen

Thank you so much Lisa!  We are so proud to display these beautiful awards for Bryan in memory of your precious son, Derek Alan."

- The Lanes

awardB.gif (11754 bytes)
"Thank you for submitting for the Gold Award. I enjoyed surfing your site, and I am sure everybody else will too."

Eric Nielsen
Nielsen Web Sites & Business Graphics

MemorialSiteAward.bmp (67854 bytes) CaringHeartAward.bmp (79110 bytes)
"Congratulations your site has won the Memorial Excellence award and the Caring Heart award, for caring enough to help others in their grief. Your site about the loss of your son touched me deeply. I am so sorry for your loss. Now he rests in the arms of the angels until you meet him again."

- Angells (\0/)


dovepeace.gif (19643 bytes)
"Congratulations!!  You've won the Dove of Peace Web Award from Amanda's Web Realm.  Very moving story, I'm sorry about your son."

Keep up the good work!


Liam's Award.bmp (533830 bytes)

Thank you Liam's Mommy for this lovely award!


abcaward4.gif (3348 bytes)

Site Name: A Treasure In Heaven
Rating: 4 Stars
Category: Family Homepages
"Congratulations! Your site... has been reviewed by the editors of the new ABC's of Parenting Directory and chosen to appear in our listings. The ABC's of Parenting is devoted to providing web surfers with reviews and ratings of the absolute best websites of interest to families and parents-to-be."

"It should be noted that the editors of the ABC's of Parenting are extremely selective and only include the absolute best websites in each category in our directory. You should be proud of your site and the distinction to be included among other terrific websites in our directory."

"Congratulations again on a terrific website."

- The ABC's of Parenting Editors


bagaawrd.gif (38245 bytes)


"I am honored you will be displaying this award on your web site."

- Debbie
aribn.gif (8639 bytes)

"I would be honored if you would accept this special banner (below) from Born Angels.  You are a wonderful, caring and courageous woman with such great strengths.  For all you do with Treasure In Heaven."


Thank you so much Debbie - the honor is all ours!  I just love your Born Angels site!
~ Julie


atihbta.jpg (11646 bytes) specialangel.jpg (36131 bytes)

"I am very pleased and honored to give A Treasure In Heaven our very first Beautiful Tribute Award and Special Angel Award....

...The tribute award is given to you because of all of the love and respect you have given to Bryan's memory and the Special Angel, because of your desire to help others through grief awareness and support. Your whole website is truly a beautiful work of art."

- Beth Berhow
Founder, Always an Angel, Always a Twin....Giana Gael

Thank you Beth for these beautiful awards.  We are so honored that you have flattered us in such a tremendous way.  Your site, my friend, is a 'work of art'.  What a blessing you are to me and to the many who frequent Giana's Tribute.

- Julie


opangelaward.jpg (31860 bytes)         opangelawd-.jpg (31013 bytes)
"Please accept the two attached awards in memory of my two precious babies.  You've done an excellent job on Bryan's site."

Because of our precious babies,
Jo Ann, Founder
Operation Angel
in memory of Darrell Keith, miscarried at 16 weeks, June 15, 1962
and Melody Joy, miscarried at 16 weeks, June 23, 1963
"I'll hold you in my heart, till I can hold you in my arms."

"Hi, Julie...I loved your site so much that I made an award to give out..."

In His Love,

Thank you very much Joyce.  You have a lovely site for a beautiful granddaughter!

~ Julie Lane

  "Your pages for Bryan are beautiful, and touched my heart...
I am honored to present you with our award in Loving Memory of our son Noah."

~ Dawn

Thank you Dawn - the honor is all ours to display this beautiful award.

~ Julie Lane

Thank you so much Di for this absolutely beautiful award!!!

"It is with great pleasure that I present to you Cody's Award"

Melissa M. Coates
{\o/}  {\o/}
/_\     /_\
Angel 10/87 , Cody 12/26/99

Thank you Melissa - such a sweet award - we are so blessed!! ~ Julie Lane

Thank you Diane - it is a pleasure to be a part of your list!

"I have looked at your site and have great pleasure in enclosing The Heaven Babies Award."


Thank you Fiona for these lovely awards! ~ Julie

Thank you so much Lori - I'm glad to be a part of your memorial list! ~ Julie

Thank you Lee-ann for sending us this very sweet award!!

"Would you please accept this award for your wonderful web site. You are truly a caring person. The God's Gift award is for your appreciation of God's greatest gift...children and the second award is for your inspiring site, for your helpful guidance, and for your caring heart."

- Sonya Pace

Thank you, thank you, thank you - this is truly an honor.  Jonathan's story has so touched my heart and so many others!!  God Bless you Sonya!!

"Hi Julie - I would like to award you our Memorial Site of the month of May (2001) award for your beautiful and helpful site.  Thank you for sharing so much to help so many."

Congratulations and hugs~


Thank you so much Karlynn - what a wonderful surprise!!  It is such a blessing to receive this award!
"I looked at your site and what a wonderful fitting memorial and tribute to your Angel." - Nicki

Thank you Nicki - what sweet awards in honor of your little sweeties ((hugs))!

"...I have created an award in memory of my son Nicholas Matthew and want to give it to you because your site is a wonderful tribute to your son, and such a place of peace for those of us traveling the same road you are on, just a few miles behind you.  Please accept this for your site."

- Jennifer Slager


Thank you Jennifer!  You're site is so sweet!  I know it will reach many.


"Here are a couple of gifts for you & Bryan. I hope you will enjoy them as I did making them =)"

~ Jodi


Thank you so much Jodi for these beautiful awards and the graphic birthday gifts you made for Bryan!



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