In this section you will find just a few of the awards we give here at A Treasure In Heaven.   Currently, only two of our awards may be applied for, The Tear Drop Memorial Award and The Surprise Snow Award.  All other awards given by Treasure In Heaven cannot be applied for and will be awarded at the sole discretion of our founder, Julie Lane. You will find sample graphics and descriptions of each award below.  The awards we are featuring now are our year 2002 versions.   We expect design for the 2003 versions to be complete sometime in December.  At that time, all current graphics will be retired.  For more information on the "retirement" of award graphics click here.

Memorial Site Award

Hope, Healing and Understanding Site Award

Grief Awareness Award

Surprise Snow Award

Hero Award




Memorial Site Award

The Treasure In Heaven Memorial Site Award is a special award given to special sites.  The Memorial Site Award is one of only two awards that can be applied for.  This award is only available to sites that pay tribute to little "Treasures In Heaven".  Each award is custom made with the name of the winning site, dated (month and year) and numbered.  Do you have a site in memory of your Baby (up to age three*) and would like to see if you qualify for this award?  If so, click here to apply.  Please do not steal this graphic.  It has special meaning to us and to those who receive it.   Should you win this award your site will be listed among our Treasured Sites.

*Some exceptions are made regarding age for this award.


Hope, Healing and Understanding Award

The Treasure In Heaven "Hope, Healing and Understanding" site award is for sites that contain those very three ingredients.  Qualifying sites offer hope for the future, healing for the broken hearted and understanding to the, all too often misunderstood, grieving parent.  Each award is customized with the winning site's title, issued date (month and year) and numbered.  You may not submit your own site for this.  If you are a grieving parent who found a site that has these attributes, you may recommend a site for this award via e-mail.   Please be sure to include the site's title, URL and a brief explanation of why you found this site helpful - also please indicate that you are recommending it for this award..


Grief Awareness Award

The Treasure In Heaven "Grief Awareness Award" is for sites which are in part or solely geared towards the education of the general public on the subject of grief.   Each award is customized to include the winning site's title, issued date (month and year) and numbered.  You may not apply for this award for your own site.  If you are a bereaved parent or other visitor to a site you feel meets or exceeds these qualifications, and you wish to bring that site to our attention, feel free to send your recommendations via e-mail.   Please be sure to include the site's title, URL and a brief statement telling us why you found it to be helpful - also please indicate that you are recommending it for this award.


Surprise Snow Award

The Treasure In Heaven "Surprise Snow Award" was designed specifically for sites honoring children born during the month of December.  We consider this "Bryan's Award" because it honors those sharing his birth month.  The significance of "snow" in this award is related to a memory the Lanes have during the first few months after losing their son.  A "surprise snow" was responsible for the grieving couple beginning to laugh again and is noted as the first time they began to have fun following the death of their precious Bryan.  This is the awards second year in series and was inspired by another "surprise snow" on Bryan's birthday - the eve of the year 2001.  Applicants are welcome for this award.  The site must be a memorial in tribute to a child born during the month of December.  Click here to apply for this award.


Hero Award

The Treasure In Heaven "Treasured Hero Award" has only been issued four times in the past 2 years.  This is an example of such an award.  Each of these awards are different and are designed especially for the individuals who earn them.  These go to sites whose owners have used their loss to change laws, procedures, practices and other such related things for the better.  No one may apply for this award.  To recommend a site, other than your own please notify us via e-mail.  Be sure to include the sites title, URL and why it's owner deserves to be named a "treasured hero"- also, please indicate that you are recommending them for this award.


Award Application

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