There's something so exciting about receiving an award - especially when you've worked so hard to earn it.  We feel so honored every time someone sends us an award for our work on this site.  In the beginning we didn't issue awards but as I began to see how important these little graphics were to memorial site owners it became clear that we needed to come up with an award to give to memorial sites just to let them know how important they are.  We've come a long way since that first graphic and it blesses us each time we are able to issue an award to a deserving site.

In turn, we've received a number of special awards for our work at ATiH.  Please feel free to browse through these graphics.

ATTENTION:  Due to family circumstances - additions to this site are being made rather slowly.  Please be patient with us during the next few months.


This is where we proudly display the awards and honors that our site has received.

Check out our most recent award graphics.  Some have open applications if you meet the requirements.

We retire our awards annually - this is where you may view "awards from the past".

It is such a pleasure to give awards and likewise we enjoy making a list of award recipients available for others to view.

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